Sunday 20 January 2019

System Integration

For over 25 years, Barg has been and continuous to be committed in troubleshooting and providing industry leading integration solutions. 
Here we have Examples of System Integration in Barg

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Paperless Recorders:

Study, analyze, design and produce paperless recorders with industrial computers that provide data to multiple departments, assisting in speedy decision making and improving operations and reliability.

In addition, these recorders eliminate the cost of ink, special paper and pen that are required for traditional chart recorders and help users save costs.
They are ideally suited for applications such as drying ovens, environmental monitoring, fermentation processes, flow monitoring, freeze drying, sterilization, heat treating and power monitoring.






Wireless communication in cement:

Implementation of digital and analog systems to send and receive information without the use of wires between multiple units to eliminate usage of expensive cables with high maintenance cost and minimize the holding time of production line.



Tire curing systems:

Design, produce and installation of tire curing timer based on PLC in Tire Manufacturing. A curing press solution can help improve overall press productivity also help decrease changeover time, and pre-programmed recipe parameters can improve production time and reduce waste.