About us

Barg company was established in 1991 by two young engineers, who were educated and experienced in Europe in industrial automation and information technology fields. Back then, Iranian developing industries desperately needed to implement modern manufacturing technologies to improve productivity and lower total costs of ownership (TCO).
Very soon, Barg became one of the leading companies in the industrial automation market and played an important role in establishing the Association of Industrial Automation Companies (AIAC) in Iran, which today has more than 100 members.
One of our greatest achievements is doing projects in industries like tire manufacturing, petrochemicals, oil refineries, and power plants, which were done for the first time in Iran or by an Iranian company.
We also established constructive partnerships with some of the world’s prior vendors like Mitsubishi Electric, Burkert, Keyence, PR Electronics, and Delphin.
Providing comprehensive solutions and implementing them with high-quality systems and devices, and also a long-time commitment to our customers in the aspects of technical supports and training, Barg became a well-known brand amongst manufacturers and experts in Iran.
Today, Barg has one of the most powerful networks for sales and marketing industrial automation systems and solutions and always looking for leading-edge technologies and making new partnerships, to improve the infrastructure of manufacturing in Iran.